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Testimonials tagged 2010:

Test Cases for Medical Software

Just a quick word of compliment. I Looove your site! I use your site to generate random values to use in software test cases.

I generate Date of Birth for test case subjects, but I would like more on Gender and Ethnicity generation. For Gender, I tend to get integers and translate even numbers to Female and uneven to Male.

Again, Kudos!

—Constant Van Wyk, ProCare Health, New Zealand

7th Grade Problem Assignment

Your project is wonderful; thank you for making it free and flexible for public use. I use it every day in my 7th grade classroom to assign warm-up problems to students in my class; this particular crop of kids is highly competitive and I was having trouble selecting from a group with all their hands up!

I read your FAQ and I wanted to contribute a little thought: to a computer, would it think it has free will? We store and process information in the same way; so we are running a big program which makes decisions based upon lots and lots of current states and simultaneous inputs. I suspect it is impossible to know whether we have free will from within ourselves and will have to use lots of expensive computer modeling to answer the question, but I'm guessing the answer is no.

—Dan Fruzzetti

Generating Authentication Codes for PBX System

It was a pleasure using your extremely quick and efficient random number generator service.

I'm currently using it to assign authentication codes to the users of my PBX system, so I know who's authorized to make international calls, etc. I was facing the problem that if I started assigning authentication codes in serial order, people might guess others' authentication codes and misuse them.

I wish to thank you for putting up this free service for the use of one-shot users like me, I really appreciate it.

—Arvind Ranganath, Hong Kong

White Noise for Sleeping

It's common knowledge that a background of white noise tends to obscure other noise from outside the house and bedroom that can interfere with sleep.

I had never tried it, but decided to give it a go with a few dozen audio files borrowed from your site. I filled up a 700 megabyte CD with white noise, tweaked it to emphasize the lower frequencies, and had it set to repeat. The results were much more satisfactory than the next best audio background I had: a recording of ocean surf. Thank you for giving me a better day's sleep! (I work at night.)

—Reg Reid, USA

Generating Fractal Landscapes

Below are 3 fractal landscapes I created with the help of these numbers. The first 2 used Bryce 6.3 and pictures from which are then converted into fractal islands. The rest determines trees, grass, objects, sky, sea and textures.

The last one used Vista Pro where you can use the numbers as fractal seeds and alterations to what you choose to put in the landscape.

Images: Fedaweha.jpg (51 KiB), Fifihi.jpg (65 KiB), VP cinco de mayo A.jpg (70 KiB)

—Fuller Thompson

The Wall Street Dollar

I am using your random number generator to set the value of a proposed currency called the Wall Street Dollar. This currency would be intended for transactions among parties who seek exposure to conflicts of interest in the financial industry, such as proprietary trading, investment rating, executive compensation and financial industry political contribution.

Pseudo-random numbers were out of the question, since they would be vulnerable to the kind of manipulation the new currency was invented to avoid. Only the highest quality random numbers could be used.

They could also be used to introduce minute random delays into the transaction processing of the proposed exchange for Wall Street Dollars to ensure fairness and to thwart high-frequency trading.

Your service is indispensable.

—Christian Marks

Randomization of John Cage Recordings

We've used your Random Number Generator on many occasions to perform various chance operations used for the purpose of assembling our recordings of John Cage's Number Pieces.

—Glenn Freeman, OgreOgress Productions, USA

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