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Testimonials tagged Arts and Crafts:

Choosing Drawing Exercises


It's interesting how many times I want to choose something at random. It's nice to have a source to do just that. I've been using your generator to choose a random drawing exercise from my drawing prompt book. Sometimes my creativity needs a little priming. Thank you for this wonderful resource.


—Shawna, California, USA

Randomizing Advent Calendar Ornaments

Hiya! Just a quick email to pass on my use for your website. I am making an Advent Calendar and wanted all the ornaments to be in a true random order. My partner showed your website and I now have a fantastically random order in my Calendar.

—Lisa, New Zealand

Generating Sweater Knitting Patterns

I wanted to knit a sweater and use yarn that I already had. In no single color was there enough yarn to finish the sweater. But I did have a type of yarn in equal amounts of 6 different colors, which when combined would be enough for the sweater. Blended together the colors looked great but I wanted the look to be random. Using numbers 1 through 6, your random number generator gave me a beautiful sequence for the colors. I also wanted the number of rows done in any one color to vary randomly from 1 to 3. A second list tells me how many rows to knit before changing colors.

—Barb Gates

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