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Details for Drawing #97,077 – MinterPro 5% - Lotto Round 2


MinterPro 5% - Lotto Round 2
2nd drawing held by MinterPro 5%
Completed on Friday, 16 August 2019 at 09:01:13 UTC
5,863 entrants, 10 winners

Winners (10) Download winners: Text | CSV

   1st: Mx411550a569018c0c89938040cefd2a19bed745be
   2nd: Mx6f36c8e13ec1638d7e9c7d713a06871769397f24
   3rd: Mx0d35bd82c5b0f018ab5915d35dcb1888c892abf8
   4th: Mxd6179e2bf22633679f7e885a24c96df72a203ceb
   5th: Mxfaf362e34dd802e68e6b1bbcc6fd68bc915099e6
   6th: Mxd1b59c314d12be3b9e3e406c5e9a434cdf7e8c83
   7th: Mxdeaac07fa369a48cd3c807faaff5cd7cfe8cf775
   8th: Mx09e2651fa4c8bb601657c96035f43c4ac5472fcc
   9th: Mxcc052c112ad14add41310a0b79c57b502dfb975e
  10th: Mx8a2f5d2adc315e4b28774d3020fc3a405b21c5b1

Entrants (5,863) Download entrants: Text | CSV

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