True Random Number Service

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Our mission is to produce the highest quality true random numbers and make them available to the world in useful forms.

Registered Office RANDOM.ORG
Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd.
2 Waterloo Road, Unit 20
Dublin 4
Contact Skype:
Email: [email protected]
Country of Incorporation Ireland
Company Reg. No. 489434
Tax/VAT Reg. No. IE 9769936F
Directors Dr Mads Haahr, CEO, MIEEE, MACM, MICS;
Dr Svend Haahr; Danish Nationals

RANDOM.ORG was founded by Mads Haahr in October 1998 and became a Limited company in October 2010. The History of RANDOM.ORG describes how the service has developed from the very beginning to the present.

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