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Third-Party Draw Service – Price Calculator

This page can calculate the price for holding random drawings using the Third-Party Draw Service. The cost depends on the number of entries. A drawing can have from 1 to 50,000 winner(s) – the price depends only on the number of entries.

Number of entries:
Drawing price:$0.00

Drawings are priced using a decreasing Cost Per Mille (CPM) scale, which essentially is like a sliding bulk discount.

To start holding drawings, you should register for an account or login, if you already have one.

The following table contains sample prices from the price scale:

Number of EntriesDrawing PriceCost Per Mille
up to 500$4.95$9.90 CPM
1,000$8.95$8.95 CPM
2,000$16.95$8.48 CPM
3,000$22.95$7.65 CPM
5,000$34.95$6.99 CPM
10,000$54.95$5.50 CPM
25,000$99.95$4.00 CPM
50,000$174.95$3.50 CPM
80,000$219.95$2.75 CPM
100,000$249.95$2.50 CPM
250,000$399.95$1.60 CPM
500,000$649.95$1.30 CPM
750,000$899.95$1.20 CPM
1,000,000$1,149.95$1.15 CPM

For drawings with more than 1,000,000 participants, for information on further bulk discounts or to set up monthly billing, please inquire.

Please keep in mind the Terms and Conditions for this service.

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