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List of Helpful Individuals

RANDOM.ORG is a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. This page is a thanks to a lot of people without whom the service would not have been possible.

Trinity College, Dublin

A lot of people in Trinity College, Dublin deserve thanks for their help with RANDOM.ORG. In particular, I am grateful to the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) and the School of Computer Science and Statistics (SCSS) for letting me host the server here.

A number of former students have helped with RANDOM.ORG and deserve a very special thanks. One of the great things about being in a university is that you get to work with such motivated and intelligent students.

You can download Charmaine's and Louise's reports from the Analysis Page.

I am also very grateful to the following colleagues:

Web Programming and Design

I am very grateful to a few highly competent and very generous guys who have donated code used on the web server.

The Open Source Community

RANDOM.ORG would not have been possible without the great software that so many people from the open source community have built. The following deserve a special mention for their great software.

Code Contributions

Thanks to the following for donating code specifically to RANDOM.ORG:

Help with Generator Design

Thanks to the following for help with designing the special purpose generators:

Help with Die Pictures

Thanks to the following for help with pictures for the Die Roller:

Help with Coin Pictures

Thanks to the following for help with pictures for the coin flipper:

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