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Details for Drawing #14,765 – SHOP-O-RAMA! VENDOR APPRECIATION DRAWING 5-4-2013


27th drawing held by Roberta Vecchio Calhoun
Completed on Sunday, 5 May 2013 at 02:41:17 UTC
41 entrants, 41 winners

Winners (41) Download winners: Text | CSV

 1st: Laura Moore
 2nd: Stephanie Pack
 3rd: Jackie Gray
 4th: Katherine Bynum
 5th: Betty Houston
 6th: Melissa Huett
 7th: Ashley Sanders
 8th: Kristi Richardson-Alberson
 9th: Kelly Zander-Nolting and Christie Brekken
10th: Nelleke Adair and Kimberly Ayers
11th: Raechel Raines and Meghan Crawford
12th: Jeanna Temple
13th: April Roberts
14th: Brande Wilkerson
15th: Teresa Coop
16th: Kathleen Douglas and Dana Young
17th: Makenna Mathis and Tammy Page
18th: Michele Goynes
19th: Brooke Reed
20th: Angela Davis
21st: Kelly Reider
22nd: Jannell Atkins
23rd: Amanda Gatrell
24th: Amanda Walker
25th: Karen Hall
26th: Shane Harrison
27th: Angie Moser
28th: Paige Martin and Susan Farley
29th: Sabrina Rowe
30th: Michelle Jenson
31st: Kristan Vaughn
32nd: Sarah Baty and Molly Goddard
33rd: Wendi Perry
34th: Lyndzie Ferguson
35th: Sheila Mcllwain
36th: Tommie Hoffman
37th: Brandy Everett
38th: Carrie Epley
39th: Jlynn Skidmore and Linda Hood
40th: Amber Stephens
41st: Andrea Beedle

Entrants (41) Download entrants: Text | CSV

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