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Details for Drawing #119,543 – ETBRA Lottery


ETBRA Lottery
4th drawing held by North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency
Completed on Monday, 17 August 2020 at 11:12:36 US/Eastern Time
47 entrants, 47 winners

Winners (47) Download winners: Text | CSV

 1st: EZapata0569
 2nd: ESawaya8155
 3rd: APierre4276
 4th: CDuboiran2196
 5th: JMildor4477
 6th: Edironville3545
 7th: JLoussaint7038
 8th: SKorb9881
 9th: CAraujo3068
10th: MNormil7856
11th: RDolce9182
12th: ECleary3433
13th: MDorvil0559
14th: CMaldonado0729
15th: KPauleus9658
16th: DHobbs9410
17th: LLabranche7035
18th: SLouis2281
19th: ARebaza5407
20th: SGeorges3248
21st: CAlmir4090
22nd: SLouis9566
23rd: SAugustin0644
24th: KAugustin5559
25th: DAntoine4317
26th: SSanchez7222
27th: NCadet5160
28th: JLopez5076
29th: JNau8643
30th: OLubin2858
31st: VSpence2164
32nd: CCruz6411
33rd: PLouis8564
34th: DAndre7694
35th: DExavier4886
36th: GLubrin4584
37th: MThomas6885
38th: JJacquelin7655
39th: JAguillera1234
40th: LMosenson5472
41st: DDinson0243
42nd: DMarcelin0413
43rd: YGrabski3068
44th: DJnorose5416
45th: MCharles5903
46th: CBlanco9188
47th: CCiceron1868

Entrants (47) Download entrants: Text | CSV

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