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Integer Widget Wizard

This wizard will help you put a true random number generator on your web site in the form of a widget. The random numbers generated by the widget come from RANDOM.ORG's Integer Generator. Fill in the form to generate a snippet of HTML to put on your website.


Step 1: General Appearance

You can customize the widget text and pixel dimensions.

Button label:
Width: pixels
Height: pixels

Would you like a border around your widget?
Yes, put a border around the widget
No, leave the widget without border

Step 2: Colour Scheme

You may want to match up your widget colours with the ones you use for your web site.

Main text: Color Picker← the main colours are used for the min, max and result labels and the main widget area
Main background: Color Picker
Alternate text: Color Picker← the alternate colours are used for the title, border and the random number field
Alternate background: Color Picker

Step 3: Configure Range Fields

You can set a default range that will appear on your widget, if you like.

Default Min: ← leave these empty if you want blank range fields in your widget
Default Max:

Should the widget's range fields be editable?
Yes, allow the range fields to be edited
No, lock the range fields to the default values

Step 4: Go!

Get ready to preview your widget and get your code...

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