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28 August 2012

The Third-Party Draw Service was upgraded with full support for entrant lists with international characters.

13 August 2012

RANDOM.ORG was intermittently unavailable on part of 2012-08-11 and most of 2012-08-12. The reason was due to a glitch at Slicehost who were upgrading their DNS system and accidentally made some changes that made RANDOM.ORG unreachable for many users. Once the problem was identified, Slicehost were quick to respond. As of 2012-08-13, a few PayPal transactions that were not completed over the weekend due to this problem are still pending, but we expect them to clear within the next 24 hours. We apologize for the iconvenience and thank you for your patience in this regard.

9 June 2012

The new Terms and Conditions went online today. They will be effective from 1 July 2012. As always, comments are welcome.

We are running a temporary trial with AdSense ads on the results pages for the Coin Flipper and the Dice Roller. Please also feel free to let us know what you think about this.

Tweaks to our style sheet should now mean RANDOM.ORG will look nicer on smartphones.

12 February 2012

I've noticed many people use the List Randomizer to hold inexpensive raffles and post the videos on YouTube (example). To my surprise, people typically randomize their entrant list three times. I would like to point out that randomizing the list several times doesn't make the winner selection more random, but I can see it makes the YouTube video more exciting. For this reason, I have added a feature to the List Randomizer such that it shows how many times you have randomized a given list.

8 February 2012

Two Japanese lotteries (ミニロト and ロト6) were added to the Lottery Quick Picker.

1 February 2012

Two Jamaican lotteries (Lucky 5 and Lotto) were added to the Lottery Quick Picker.

15 December 2011

There is a lot of news since the last update! Here is a partial list.

We now generate VAT (sales tax) invoices for any payment that you make into your RANDOM.ORG account via PayPal. To see the invoices, login to your RANDOM.ORG account.

Many new lotteries have been added to the Lottery Quick Picker.

A very cool Android app is in the works and will bring the most popular RANDOM.ORG functionality from the site to your Android smartphone.

16 January 2011

The new release of the Third-Party Draw Service can pull your entrants directly from Facebook. The best way to use RANDOM.ORG for Facebook giveaways is to arrange the giveaway as a Facebook event that you invite people to attend. Please make sure that all giveaways done via Facebook conforms to the Facebook Promotions Guidelines.

The new release of the Third-Party Draw Service contains one more step (now 7) to accommodate this new feature. Also, the drawing type (public, private, entrant-accessible) now appears under the heading ‘privacy settings,’ but the functionality itself is unchanged.

2 December 2010

Fancy new drop-down menus installed on all the pages. This should make navigation of the site much easier. Feedback welcome!

24 October 2010

Today, a server upgrade was completed to address the increasing amount of traffic that RANDOM.ORG is getting.

22 October 2010

Today RANDOM.ORG has existed for twelve years! The Bit Tally shows how many bits were generated since the service went online back on 22 October 1998.

8 August 2010

The Integer Generator can now pick numbers with or without replacement as you please. This should help prevent confusion from people who assumed the numbers were picked without replacement despite my notes to the contrary.

The Integer Set Generator is now free on a trial basis.

1 August 2010

Two important changes were made to the Third-Party Draw Service during the last six months. First, the Public Records are now back in a much improved format, making it easier for entrants in your public and entrant-accessible drawings to find the records. Second, drawings can now have up to 500 winners. More features are in the works for the Draw Service and will appear later this summer.

Also, you may already have used the new Lottery Quick Pick, which can now remember your favourite lottery, so you don't have to reselect it again every week.

The last big change is of course the main homepage, which has been overhauled with short descriptive links to all the services. Hopefully this will make it easier to find what you're looking for and also clear up any confusion about which services are free (almost all of them!) and which ones are paid.

6 December 2009

A couple of handy new features for the Third-Party Draw Service are now online. First, the Public Records allow your entrants to view the results of all your drawings (except private ones). This makes life a lot easier for your entrants.

Second, the cool new Draw Widget allows you to publish the result of your drawings on your own web pages, so your entrants don't have to leave your site to convince themselves the drawings were conducted in a fair and unbiased manner. You can create a widget for any drawing held with the Third-Party Draw Service, even ones that you've held in the past. To create a widget for one of your drawings, simply go to the Third-Party Draw Service and click on the ‘create widget’ link for the drawing you want. The widget is currently in beta, so comments are extra welcome.

Other additions include the reintroduction of the bit counter (near the bottom of the main page), which shows how many random bits RANDOM.ORG has generated all the way back since October 1998 when it first went online. There's also a new Bit Tally page that shows the exact number of bits (it's a lot!) and calculates the average speed of the generator.

Finally, the RANDOM.ORG web site is now running off a cloud hosting company in the United States. Hopefully this should mean even better uptimes and an extra performance boost, especially for US customers.

25 October 2009

The Trails feature of the Premium Generator now also uses the time zone that you choose for your account to print its timestamps.

A beta version of the new Public Pecords page is available to all draw holders (make sure you are logged in to try it out).

11 October 2009

The Third-Party Draw Service now has a button to switch between the public view and the owner's view for individual drawings. As a result, you no longer need to logout to see your drawings the way your entrants see them. The owner's view also contains a few new features, such as a permalink (e.g., to post to your blog or web site or just keep for your records) and share links to Facebook and Twitter, so you can easily share the results of your drawings with your entrants.

It is now possible to set your own time zone in your RANDOM.ORG account. The time zone is used to display the completion time for all your drawings. This makes it easier for your entrants to see exactly when your drawings were held. This functionality works for all your past drawings too.

A bunch of new lotteries were added to the Lottery Quick Picker.

18 September 2009

The Third-Party Draw Service now has a nice feature that allows owners of drawings to switch between Owner's View (where all details for a given drawing are shown) and Public View (which is what everyone else sees). Another new feature is direct links to Facebook and Twitter to make it easy to share the results of your public and entrant-accessible drawings.

A new style sheet now makes RANDOM.ORG look better on smartphones, such as iPhones and Android phones.

The Random Web Redirector will redirect you to a random generator on RANDOM.ORG. I'm thinking of offering this service for people's own sites. If you would like to use this service with your own site, let me know.

A Hungarian 200 Forint coin was added to the Coin Flipper and a number of new lotteries were added to the Lottery Quick Picker.

19 August 2009

Two new generators have been added:

A new favicon was added (check it out), which uses the font in the new RANDOM.ORG logo (OCR-A), rather than the Courier New font that was used in the old logo.

The RANDOM.ORG web server now redirects all traffic for to This was done to fix a problem that caused people to get warnings about the RANDOM.ORG certificate in certain situations.

2 May 2009

Video Tutorial #1 shows how to use RANDOM.ORG to hold a promotional giveaway for your blog or business.

20 April 2009

Big news! The Third-Party Draw Service is now automatically included with any RANDOM.ORG Premium Account. See the Guide to Random Drawings for details on how to use it. Tried and tested over two years by a range of charities and PR companies, this is a truly professional solution for holding independently verifiable random drawings with up to 2,000,000 entrants.

Other news: Due to popular demand, the Sequence Generator now supports multi-column format.

9 February 2009

The Integer Widget Wizard is now online! You can use it to put widgets like the one below on your own web pages.

14 December 2008

New functionality:

1 December 2008

This month's new functionality:

4 November 2008

Lots of behind-the-scenes server maintenance has been performed over the past months, but there are also some visible improvements to RANDOM.ORG:

23 June 2008

The Premium Generator now supports email notifications. This feature has been requested by many users, especially players of strategy games.

10 June 2008: New services

A couple of great new additions:

21 May 2008: New services

It has been a while since I've added new features, but here they finally are:

7 December 2007: Premium services

A couple of big changes this month:

30 October 2007: New functionality

Some more changes:

14 August 2007: New functionality

A few additions:

11 June 2007: More minor updates

A few more changes:

10 May 2007: Minor updates

Over the last month, the following changes have been made:

8 April 2007: Minor updates

The new server is performing well and seems quite capable of keeping up with demands. A couple of more features have been added:

If you find bugs or have suggestions, let me know!

1 April 2007: New server goes online!

No, this is not an April's Fools joke... The new setup, which has been in the works for a year and a half, is finally replacing the old. This is a major overhaul of the software, so except for the quality of the numbers (which remains exactly the same as the old server), I'm expecting there may be a few inconveniences from things breaking. However, I hope it will be worth it in the end. The old server is still around at for the moment, but it's running at reduced speed (with only one radio), so I strongly encourage you to use the new one.

Please send me any feedback (good and bad) you have on the new setup!

Here is a partial list of new features:

Some things that remain to get done:

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