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Buffer Level Statistics

RANDOM.ORG generates true randomness via atmospheric noise. This page shows the buffer level statistics.

Showing graphs from

(Each graph is from a different radio. Click on the graphs to enlarge them.)

The graphs show the buffer history of the random number generator. The generator consists of several radios, each of which has its own sound card that picks up the atmospheric noise generated by that radio. Each radio also has its own buffer, which is continually filled up with randomness generated from that radio's noise. If the buffer level for a given radio is low, it means that radio is quite busy.

Each graph shows the buffer level for a given radio performed on a particular day. New graphs are generated automatically shortly after midnight (UTC) every day. Each radio has its own name (e.g., copenhagen-hw0), and each graph is labelled with the name of the radio to which it belongs. Not all radios are active on all days.

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