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Details for Drawing #123,279 – Galten-Skovby løber for Knæk Cancer 2020


Galten-Skovby løber for Knæk Cancer 2020
1st drawing held by Michael Jensen
Completed on Sunday, 18 October 2020 at 09:46:03 Europe/Copenhagen Time
230 entrants, 37 winners

Winners (37) Download winners: Text | CSV

  1st: Karin Augustenborg
  2nd: Karin Augustenborg
  3rd: Karin Augustenborg
  4th: Hanne Jensen
  5th: Laura Schou
  6th: Steffen S. Kristensen
  7th: Hanne Jensen
  8th: Anne Glasius
  9th: Laura Schou
 10th: Tanja Kulas
 11th: Karin Augustenborg
 12th: Steffen S. Kristensen
 13th: Berit Behrendt
 14th: Steffen S. Kristensen
 15th: Linda Mortensen
 16th: Henriette Bjoern Rasmussen
 17th: Annie Ingerslev-Olesen
 18th: Henriette Panum Hassing
 19th: Anika Behrendt
 20th: Nanna Behrendt
 21st: Linda Mortensen
 22nd: Berit Behrendt
 23rd: Michael Jensen
 24th: Jesper Kallehauge
 25th: Annie Ingerslev-Olesen
 26th: Linda Mortensen
 27th: Karin Augustenborg
 28th: Kira Behrendt
 29th: Jesper Kallehauge
 30th: Kira Behrendt
 31st: Anne Glasius
 32nd: Michael Kunath
 33rd: Henriette Panum Hassing
 34th: Ole Kristensen
 35th: Anika Behrendt
 36th: Gitte Tams
 37th: Karin Augustenborg

Entrants (230) Download entrants: Text | CSV

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